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Our success stories

Our UX Design Agency has a proven track of successful web design projects. We specialise in creating experiences that maximise conversions and provide great customer satisfaction. Below you will find a selection of our success stories.

World's Biggest Coffee Morning - registration journey

World's Biggest Coffee Morning is one of the biggest fundraising events in the UK. AgaDigital Ltd redesigned the registration journey and the form, achieving not only 5% higher conversion rate but also greatly improving the user experience of signing up for the event.

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Macmillan Cancer Support - Free Will Service

Free Will Service is one of Macmillan's flag campaigns. Following users' feedback AgaDigital Ltd optimised the service selector, creating simpler and clearer journey to the registration form. The product considerably grew that year and as a consequence received nomination to the Legacy Campaign of the Year.

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Macmillan Cancer Support - Donation journey

AgaDigital Ltd was asked to review and optimise experience for users who would like to make a donation through the Macmillan Cancer Support website. The website wasn't mobile optimised and the journey was convoluted. We conducted usability testing and redesigned the whole journey, As a result we have achieved 5% increase in the donations conversion rate.

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We enjoy helping businesses grow online faster

At Aga Digital we love supporting organisations in growing their online success by designing user-friendly professional websites. We pride ourselves in designing interfaces that are usable, accessible, engaging and mobile-friendly.

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